• Western Vs Traditional Attires

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    Western and Traditional Wear Suit

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  • Fashion Designing at New Shop to bring out the lifestyle.

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  • Tips to look beautiful in a saree

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    When women talk about their fashion goals, their first desire is always to look stunning in a saree. But when it comes to wearing a saree to have perfect look, it always turns out to be a task beyond our capability. Draping a saree requires an expertise in making the pleats, setting the pallu and not to forget carrying the look.
    Jittered on learning the fact that draping a saree needs an expertise?
    Don’t be, we are here to help you master this skill and have a look that you always wished for.
    The foremost thing we need to be clear with is the occasion for which you want to get ready.
    According to your need you can choose from wedding sarees, Bollywood sarees, party wear sarees, sarees for office etc. 
    So now when your decided with the event you are going to wear a saree lets see what all points are essential to have your desired look.
    1. Blouse- the highlight

    No matter your wardrobe is full of pricey or alluring sarees but they are all worthless if your blouse cannot complement the level of your saree. A blouse that is not up to the mark can let you down when it comes to an overall look.

    If you have a blouse that is both ravishing and elegant it can even turn a normal saree to a charismatic one.

    Blouses come in different styles some of being jacket blouses, halter necks, sweetheart cut, sarees blouse and so on. These blouses will bring a drastic but beautiful change in your overall look. So, while choosing a blouse always try exploring the ones that are exotic and enticing.

    2. The perfect pleats

    How the pleats have been done add a new dimension to your look. The pleats, they draw a great attention and if they are flawless you are sure to have a look beyond your imagination. So, here is tip for the right kind of pleats, always start tying the saree lower than the naval this way you can drape the fabric in a better way and also you can tie the pallu at the shoulders perfectly.

    Following the tips you can have a very neat look, which will emphasize your waist perfectly.

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    3. The type of fabric

    While you choose a saree for yourself always keep in mind the kind of fabric you are opting for. Fabric greatly affects the way you look. Fabric should be such that it can easily blend with your body shape and structure. Some of the stuffs like georgette, chiffons and crepes are known to be a perfect option while choosing a saree. They make you look attractive as they easily gel with your body type.

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    4.Right kind of hair and accessories

    To complete your desired look in a saree it is very essential to choose the right kind of accessories and hairstyles.

    Some of the hairstyles that go really well with a saree are side swept curls, side braid hairstyle, loose curls, up do hairstyles and the messy buns.

    Talking about accessories, go for a beautiful pair of matching danglers. If you are a kind of a person who cannot handle the dangers you must opt for a vivid neckpiece. For the footwear, the grace of a saree always comes with high heels.

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    1. Add the shimmer

    If you are going for a night party you must opt for saree that has a perfect amount of shimmer added to it. You can choose from the categories like Bollywood sarees or the party wear sarees. Shimmers make you look attractive by adding a glam quotient to your style. Always see to it that the amount of shimmer is not too much that it outstands your own personality.

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    So, now you are all ready to have your dream look in saree with these five styling tips. Go on and have all the eyes on you!

    I am sure, all the ladies out there must be having the question in their minds, where to find a perfect saree that suits both your body type and your personality.  Here, we have a solution for this too! All you need to do is visit our website Newshop.in, go through different style and colors of sarees and choose the one that suits you the best.

    Happy shopping!

    Got with some more ideas to look glamorous in a saree? Leave your comments in the section below.

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  • How to Look Slim in Salwar Suits

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    Salwar kameez is attire, which is popular among all the women in India. It is a two-piece dress worn with a dupatta. The main reasons for its popularity are comfort and the look it gives.

    Salwar kameez have various categories and to name a few; wedding salwar suits, Patiala salwar suits, party wear salwar suits, Bollywood salwar suits and Pakistani salwar suits.

    But, most of the women look for an answer about how to look slim in a salwar kameez. So, here we have come up with a few hacks to make you look slimmer when you wear this attire.

    1. Pick the right fabric

    Fabric is one factor that greatly affects how your body shape and structure looks. Fabrics like net or shimmer usually make you look on a heavier side than your body actually is. So, for a slimmer look go for materials like poly georgette or chiffon. Not only are they good for a perfect body shape but also suitable for the summers.

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     2. Prefer long sleeves

    A problem that many women face is that of extra flab on their arms that give them a heavier look. So, if you too are facing the same problem then you must go for the long sleeves as they tend to hide that additional fat and not only this they also protect you from tanning.

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    3. Don’t ignore the length of the kameez

    Kameez that is shorter in length tends to make you look flabby. So, always opt for the length that is below your knees regardless of the latest trend. Because a trend that gives you a look that you don’t deserve is worthless.

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    4. Opt for light embroidery

    If you want to have a slimmer look then avoid heavy embroidery and wide borders. Fine embroidery and smaller prints give you a perfect slim look.

    Cotton salwar suits with small prints are also preferable.

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    5. Go for dark colors

    All the dark colors are known to give you a slimmer look. This is because our eyes, they tend to see dark objects smaller than they actually are. Thus, wearing dark shades hide your bends and extra flab on your body. So when choosing the color of your salwar kameez go for colors like black, navy blue, indigo and so on.

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    6. Pay attention to the fitting

    Often ladies prefer suits that are body hugging or the ones that are too loose on your body. But such inappropriate fittings make you look chubby. So, from now on if your wish is to look slim in a salwar kameez then try to have fitting that suits you the best.

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    These were some of the tips for you to have a perfect shape of your body in a salwar kameez. If you find these hacks helpful, please tell us in the comment section below. And you can also help us with your additional tips.


    Also, to shop from various categories of salwar suits mentioned above you can go to our website newshop.in and choose from countless designs and colors. We not only provide you with reasonable rates but also provide you with COD facility.


    Thanks for reading!


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  • Different Ways to Drape Dupatta with Lehenga

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    designer lehengas

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