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Newshop.in, a website where one can find boundless options for the best designer suits. The only need is, one has to explore. Newshop is considered to be an intrinsic part of fashion industry. But the reality is, it is not just a part, it is a place of an art, an expertise which, with the help of Ethnic suits and accessories can bring out what a woman’s lifestyle is. This is a website where every woman can find a dress to expand her wardrobe with the best. Here every suit is designed by a designer with the best knowledge of textile, colour coding, texture and pattern. New shop is a website every woman can consider as her option for online shopping of ethnic suits.

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A blend of Ethnic fashion and western culture in a country like India has given Indian fashion industry a new direction and recognition. Colour combination and the weaving of a cloth on the basis of its material have a great importance in the field of fashion designing. These two are the key factors of fashion designing. The looks depend mainly on these two factors. Secondary factors life professional skills, cut, design and the supporting material decide the ultimate grace of the dress. Fashion usually depends on some kind of theme. For instance, weather or what an individual prefers. Mainly it is the weather that affects the ongoing fashion. As we see, in winters, what clothes we would prefer depends on the colour, the type of fabric they are made of. As for example in winters we usually wear dark woollen  clothes like black and brown whereas contrary to this in summers we usually prefer cotton dresses mainly in white or light shades. To bring out one’s personality one should always be aware of the ongoing trend as in, what is in and what is out. Fashion is never permanent; it changes with time as, Long straight and cigarette cut suits and palazzo like sharara are in fashion. Similarly Ethnic with western look is in trend whereas exclusively western dresses in India are no more in fashion. So, the crux is fashion is what is around you, it is not just the dresses, it is the one lives



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