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Salwar kameez is the most comfortable and popular ethnic attire of India that is worn by large number of women since many decades. Salwar suit is becoming the major pick in recent times too due to its innovation in styles and cut patterns. The desi avatar of your salwar suit looks perfect only if it is paired with right type of bottom. Various types of salwar suits exist in India, but they all need a superior type of base to flaunt a trendy ethnic look. The salwar suit has become a rage among Indian women because they provide a comfort that is unbeatable.

Different types of salwars:

Basic Salwar:

Basi salwar is the most common version of the salwar that is worn by large numbers of women in India. Basic salwar has frills in front originating from the centre.

Patiala Salwar:

Patiala salwar is the royal attire of Punjab and is also known as Patiala Shahi salwar. This type of salwar is made with double length of fabric than normal salwar as it is made with multiple numbers of pleats that gives it a very fluffy and heavy look.

Maharani Patiala:

Maharani Patiala Salwar is the another type Punjabi salwar that looks similar to Patiala salwar except it is made with more huge number of pleats than simple Patiala salwar and has an almost harem pant look.

Dhoti Salwar:

Dhoti salwar is inspired from the men’s loose garment dhoti. Dhoti salwar gives the U-shaped consisting numbers of pleats. It is very loose and comfortable to carry and wear.

Afghani Salwar:

Afghani salwar got its name from the famous land of Afghanistan. Afghani Salwar has a balloon silhouette with much wider pleats and cuffs that are slightly narrower.

Sharara Salwar:

Sharara salwar looks a straight look with the divided pleats depending upon the style looks really good on tall women.

Trouser Salwar:

The trouser salwar is the modern pattern of salwar suit. It is derived from the men’s professional trouser. It has plain look with the straight format and is very comfortable to wear.

Capri Pant Salwar:

Capri salwar is derived from the western Capri style. It look in the form of Capri and have length generally little below the knees. Short length kameez goes well with it.

Cigarette Pant:

Cigarette salwar is narrower than the parallel or trouser salwar and generally fits well to the legs. This pattern of salwar is highly acceptable among college going girls.

Churidar Salwar:

Churidar word literally means “with rings” and this pattern you can see in any churidar salwar. These rings are generally created by the accumulation of clothe at the lower part of the salwar.

Straight Salwar:

Straight salwar is the simplest form of salwar with most minimum number of pleats.

Variations in the length of Kameez:

Knee Length:

The knee length of the kameez looks very pleasant as an informal wear as it makes the outfit elegant and stylish. It fits well to the women having good figure.

Long Length:

The long length of the kameez looks good with the tight fitted churidaar or leggings. This long length salwar kameez goes well n any event or party.

Full Length:

The full length kameez generally comes in the Anarkali suit. The bottom worn with full length kameez generally fully covers inside it. It is good for any royal or traditional occasion.

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