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Anarkali suits have made a special place in the heart and mind of Indians. Anarkali suit give you the feel of royalty as this attire is the heritage of Mughal Empire. This ancient dress has undergone many changes with the changing time and culture. Anarkali suit is also known as the “empire waist” because of its appearance. Anarkali suits are designed in the form of long length frock type top that comes along with slim and tight fitted lower churidar. Floral length Anarkali suits are also in great demand and trend. Anarkali suits are generally worn in weddings, cultural functions and festivals due to its enhanced traditional look. Anarkali suits are generally very heavy to wear as the amount of clothe used in this is too large. 

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Anarakali suit is actually named after a very famous lady known as Anarkali. The actualmeaning of Anarkali is pomegranate blossom. Anarkali was a very famous courtesan of the Akbar. She was known for her beauty and dance. Anarkali suits are generally worn by mujra dancers. There are many types of Anarkali suits are available in the market.

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The color of this traditional attire is generally very rich and vibrant. In ancient time the Anarkali suits are made by using very dark and vibrant colors like red, green, orange, maroon. But in the modern time, women likes to wear light colored attires like blue, pink, white, beige and yellow. A lot of gorgeous embroidery, patch work, thread work and mirror work are done on the Anarkali suits that make them look more scintillating and shimmering. Tareez style Anarkali suits looks very eye catching and attractive. As Anarkali suits are generally of full length that covers the feet too so this attire can add illusion to the height too. Women can wear high heels and can look taller without revealing to anyone.
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The grace of Anarkali suit can be enhanced more with the the jewelry and ornaments. A light weight necklace can be worn with the Anarkali suit. A mang tika can enhance the beauty of the wearer as it highlights the effect of suit and also matches very well with the attire. But too much heavy jewellery is also not preferred as there is aleady a lot of shimmer on the suit. Stone studded Anarkali salwar can also looks very beautiful on any women. Add a touch of royalty with these dazzling Anarkali suits.

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