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Casual wear is the first choice of every woman especially during summer and rainy season. As summers and rains are going on, so everyone’s focus is on casual wear. This gloomy and messy weather compels everyone to wear easy going suits.  Even in this modern era, Indian women love to wear traditional Indian attire. As we all Indian are deeply connected with our roots. Casual saree is made with light weight fabric like synthetic, silk and cotton that are not too heavy to wear. Causal saree is made with 6 to 6.5 feet long clothe that is draped beautifully around the body. Different types of casual sarees are chiffon saree, georgette saree, faux georgette saree, shimmer georgette saree that are designed elegantly with different eye catching print. Casual sarees are the most convenient ones because one needs not to worry about embellishment getting spoilt and washing techniques. Famous printing designs on casual sarees are polka dots psychedelic print and floral designs.

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Two gorgeous casual sarees are shown here. First one is made with soft fabric so it can provide comfort to anyone. This light blue colored saree with yellow border looks amazing. The lower part of the saree is beautifully designed with geometic printing. Full sleeves blouse can make this casual saree perfectly wearable wearable during cold season. Second casual saree also looks very elegant as it has a touch of floral print the line printing done on the pallu also enhances its casual look. Anyone can wear these sarees at home or during any visit as these are easy to drape and carry.

Various styles of draping casual saree are Nivi style, Bengali Style, Gujarati style, Manipuri style, Madisar style, Khasi style, Kodagu style. Nivi style is the style of Andhra Pradesh in which pleats are passed through the legs and tucked into waist. No pleats are made in Bengali saree. Madisar saree is worn like Brahmin ladies of Tamil Nadu. In Kodagu saree pleats are arranged in rear instead of front. Khasi saree is made with several pieces of clothes giving a cylindrical look.

Casual Saree is woven with one plain end and simple border attached on the edges of the cloth. In earlier times all sarees were hand woven but now with the advancement of technology sarees are woven with machines in no time. Sometimes sarees are woven on mechanical loom. Hand woven sarees are also available in market but those are highly expensive than the machine imitation. Four styles of sarees are available in India based on the region that is eastern style, western style, central style, southern style. Eastern styles are Baluchari West Bengal, Ikat Orissa, Katan Sari– Bangladesh, Jamdani  Bangladesh, Dhakai Benarosi, Rajshahi Silk, Tangail Tanter Sari, Katan Sari. Western stles are Pithani, Bandhani, Kota Doria, Lugade. Central styles include Chanderi. Southern Styles include Pochampally, Gadwal, Guntur, Mysore Silk, Chettinad and Kanchipuram.


There are so many forms of casual saree that it can never go out of trend and fashion. Even all famous bollywood celebrities wear casual sarees with great ease. Casual saree is favourite attire of bollywood too. Newshop.in provides you with best quality of casual sarees at a very reasonable price. New shop is a leading online store of women traditional attire.


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