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No doubt saree is the most loving outfit of whole India. Saree not only help you look beautiful but it also hides many body flaws. The style of draping saree and other factors can help you looking slim and stylish. Saree is a very versatile outfit. You can adjust it according to your body type. Saree can easily blend with anyone’s body. Two women wearing same pair of saree can look completely different only because of their way of draping a saree. Saree can make you look tall, short, plump, curvy and slim.

6 Ways to look slim in saree

1. Choose the correct fabric: If you want to look slim in saree, then you should choose a saree made with light weight fabric. Chiffon, crepe and georgette are three light fabrics that easily stick to the body and help you to look slender. You should avoid cotton as cotton is a heavy fabric. You can choose the cotton silk saree instead.

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Beautiful saree draped by Kangana Ranaut makes her look slimmer. You can also look slim like kangana by having this amazing georgette saree that is both comfortable and easy to wear.

  1. Printing pattern: Go for lighter print, if you want to look slim. Heavy print such as big dots should be completely avoided. Small prints like small leaf print and small flower print would help you to look slim. Saree having delicate thread work can also be added to the list.

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A light printed saree is shown here. Simple printing is done on the lower part of the saree and small dots are printed on the pallu which gives it a delicate look.

  1. Border Style: Border of the saree also plays a vital role in giving you slim or fat look. Sarees having broad and thick border will generally make you look fat. Whereas saare with sleek border will give you sleek look too.

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A beautiful saree having sleek border shown here would help you look sleek. Attract spotlight from crowd by having this gorgeous saree from newshop.in.

  1. Long Sleeved blouse: Long sleeved blouse will help you look slimmer. Opt for long sleeves while choosing a saree. Go for long sleeves for sure. Beautiful black saree with long sleeves shown below. Order this saree from newshop.in. and make head turn for all right reason.

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5.Draping style: The style of draping saree plays a very important role in your looks. To look slim and beautiful, you must arrange the pleats of saree in proper way without any fuzz. So that the pattern of pleats looks neat and clean, thus enhance the look of saree.

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6.Color of saree : Color of saree also plays a vital role in you appearance. Dark colors such as black helps you look slim where as light color like white will give make you appear fat. So prefer black or dark colored sarees to look slim.

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