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Anarkali suit has given a special place by fashion world as it is heartedly adorned by many women of India and around the world too. Anarkali suits give you the chance to revisit the golden era of Mughal Empire. Indian women can take their ethnic charm and elegance to a whole new level by adorning a ravishing and mesmerizing Anarkali suit. Wearing an Anarkali suit gives the look of royalty that will be perfect for any royal party, occasion or event. Anarkali suit is the best attire to wear at any cultural or traditional occasion.

Wearing a beautiful Anarkali suits is not only enough for a perfect look but rather it must compliment your body too. Here are few tips described to choose a perfect Anarkali Suit

According to your body type:

Tall Body Type:

Women having tall body comprising of long legs does not need to worry at all about their Anarkali Suit look as this attire look perfect on women having tall height. Long waist lines good look good on Anarkali suit.

anarkali suits

Petite Body Type:

Women having short body type should choose Anarkali suit wisely. Heavy flared version of Anarkali Suit must be avoided by women having petite look. Moderate flared Anarkali suit having knee length goes well with petite body type.

Slim Body Type:

Women having slim body type can go for heavy flared body type as it gives weight to their slim body. Designer Anarkali Suits having long length can go well with slim body type.

Plump Body Type:

Women have plump body type should choose Anarkali suit which have flares beginning right from the top. This type of Anarkali Suit helps in hiding the bulging fat of the body from different parts as it offers the illusion of height.

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According to the body shape:

Hourglass Body Shape:

In hourglass body shape both the upper and lower part of body have the same size. Anarkali suit having prominent top embellishment looks good on hourglass body shape.

anarkali suits

Inverted Triangle Body Shape:

In inverted triangle body type, the body have slim waist giving the shape of triangle from upward. Anarkali suit that flares out from the waist goes well this type of body as it perfectly accentuates the right parts of the body.

Diamond Body Shape:

Women having diamond body shape have heavy waist than the upper and lower part. Anarkali suit with much heavy embellishment around the bottom area goes helps to drive attention from the heavy waist.

Rectangle/ Straight or Skinny Body Shape:

Women having straight rectangle shape generally have the whole body of same size. Women with this body type should choose the Anarkali Suit that helps to add some curves around the waist line. Anarkali Suit with jacket style can add this feature to skinny body shape.

Pear Body Shape:

Pear body shapes have heavier hips than the waist. Anarkali suit with heavy top embellishment can helps to draw attention from the heavier body part.

So choose Anarkali suit based on your body type so that it can compliment your look well. Designer Anarkali suits in Rajasthan and designer Anarkali suits in Mumbai are in high demand.

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