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Ankita Rana

Ankita Rana



Anarkali Suits are the most lovable outfit of India because of their wide circumference of cloth that gives it appearance of gown. Women of every age love to wear anarkali suit as it reminds us of Mughal Empire and thus gives the look of royalty to the wearer. Anarkali suits come in two varieties that are heavily embroidered anarkali suits and simple anarkali suits. Embroidered anarkali suits comes are heavily embellished with motifs, beads, silver and golden thread work that makes its look more shimmering. While simple anarkali suits are not embellished with much embroidery work and are very light in weight. Designer anarkali suits are worn by many bollywood celebrities such as Kareena kapoor, karishma kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and Priyanka Chopra. You can also look gorgeous too like these celebrities in Anarakali suit by taking care of few tips.

Choose according to body type:   You must choose Anarkali suit according to your body type. Different kinds of suits get fits on different types of body. Mainly there are four types of bodies that are pear shape, rectangle shape, hourglass shape and apple shape.

Pear shape (Triangle upward shape): In this shape women have wider thighs and narrow shoulders. For this A-line anarkali is best that have more flares. And wide, deep neckline should be preferred with this body type.

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Rectangle Shape (Straight or Athletic): In rectangle shape types body both upper and lower part of the body remains same. This shape type goes well with short frock style anarkali suit, jacket style anarkali suit, layered anarkali suit and long anarkali suits. Deep and wide neckline can go well with it.

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Apple (Triangle Downward):  In this type shape the lower part is heavy with broad shoulders. A-line anarkali suit with V-neckline suits best on anarkali suit. Avoid high necklines, heavy work around the neck and boat neck in this type of shape.

Hourglass Shape: This type of shape can go well with any type of anarkali suit. High neck, plunging neck, waistline anarkali suit and empire line anarkali suit can be opted for this type of body.



Accessories are must:   Accessories are must for anarkali suit. Accessories act as vitamin to the outfit. You can accessorize your look with headlocket, wide earings and necklace. As anarkali suits are symbol of royalty, so these are always paired with heavy jewellery. Beautiful and glittering accessories will add more grace your royal beauty.

Amount of Flairs:  The amount of flares in Anarkali Suit plays a very significant role in enhancing your appearance. Women having tall and slim body can go for full and heavy flared anarakli suit. Whereas women having fat body must go for less flared anarkali suit as it will help them look slim.

Neckline:  The shape and appearance of neckline also helps a lot giving a good look to the wearer. Women having short or medium height can go for v-neck suits as v shape helps to lengthen the neck and thus gives the wearer a sleek loo.

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