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Ankita Rana


Tunic is the latest type of outfit that is gaining popularity in recent times. It is the most versatile attire that can go well with your body in any season. Tunic can be worn as casual wear on daily basis as it provides a great comfort and ease to the wearer. Main benefit of tunic is that it is not too expensive. You can buy it without any headache as it goes well with your pocket. Tunics can be worn during any college party too. This cool outfit is widely popular among college going girls. You can look gorgeous in tunic by taking care of some factors while buying and wearing it:

Choose Sober Colour:  Tunics are generally worn by the college going girls. Young girls generally choose light colors as it makes them look good and cool. Wearing too much high bright color is not in trend. Light colors will help your complexion look fairer and bright. Colors like peach, pink, light blue and light purple are generally worn by young girls. Especially in summer the light colors are best to wear.

Light Embellishment:   Choose the tunics that are not too heavily embellished with motifs, beads, pearls, embroidery work and thread work. Highly embellished outfits are generally worn during any functions and parties.  But as tunics can be worn on daily basis and at simple events and parties too, so you should choose tunics with light embellishment. Tunics having digital printing pattern can go well with your look.

Right Hairstyle:  To look good in tunic you must choose the right hairstyle too. Generally open hair goes well with tunic. You can also opt for ponytail look with your tunic. If you have short hair then open or loosely tide hair can look good with your look. While women or girls having long hair can choose braid style or the bun style can also go well. Choosing a right hairstyle is very significant for enhancing your beauty and style. So always choose a right hairstyle carefully to pair with your look.

Pairing it with lower:  You can pair your tunic with any cool lower too. For college going girls, shorts and skirts goes well with the tunic. If you are not much highly fashionable, then you can pair it with your leggings and jeans too. Tunics can go well with any type of lower that makes it the most versatile outfit of India.

Choice of footwear: Your choice of footwear also plays an important role in enhancing your appearance. If you have short height then you can choose high heels with your tunic as it will help you to look more attractive. On the other hand, women having good height can go for flat footwear. Make sure that the colour of your footwear goes well with your tunic color and it will not add to your discomfort level too.



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