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In today’s world, one thing that everybody is always conscious about is how he or she looks. And the way we look is majorly influenced by the way we dress up.

When it comes to what would make us look the best people are generally confused whether to go for western clothes or the ethnic trends.

If we consider the mindset of today’s generation, they usually feel that we must always follow the on going trends and thus opt for the western attires. But still there are a few people who believe that traditional attires are a representation of our culture and therefore we must not neglect it.

When talking about the WESTERN TRENDS, they have their own perks:

1. Symbolize the freedom of expression

This is the foremost quality of the western apparels that when we opt for them we have an open choice to wear what we like and as we like.

We can always mix and match according to our liking and comfort. Adding our own taste brings out an all-new look that is classy and stylish.

2. Way to cope with peer pressure

The major problem that most of the teenagers are facing today is the problem of peer pressure. When one is up-to-date with the ongoing fashion they are easily acceptable in their friend circle. They are considered to be from a dignified background and to be in touch with what is going around them.

3. Make you feel confident

When we go for the modern dresses we ourselves feel comfortable, as wearing these we feel to be a part of the society and thus it makes us free from the clutches of the self-consciousness.

Now lets come on to the assets of the other styling option we have and that is the ETHNIC WEAR:

1. Representation of our culture

Ethnic apparels are always known to be a symbol of culture. They define our identity and the customs we carry forward. To preserve our values and culture first we need to safeguard its representation. When we ourselves cannot promote our traditions then nobody else can.

2. Symbol of unity

Wearing our traditional attires is a symbol of unity. It shows how people from different cultures live together. Many a times people move abroad and there they start following the prevailing fashion forgetting that their national dress is their identity and more than that it is the identity of the entire nation. 

3. Help to cope up with emotional problems

According to a research directed on youngsters it is known that children or teenagers who choose to wear the traditional attire are free from any behavioral or emotional problems. And the sole reason behind this is that they don’t have to care about their identity or their appearance as they are in touch with their ancestral customs.

Now on being done with the individual analyses of the western and traditional attires I would like to say that all that is important for a smooth life is balanced choices. Opting the western fashion does not mean neglecting or degrading the traditional ones or vice-versa. One should always switch between the two so as to bring some kind of liveliness in life because going for single choice every time will bring monotony and thus make life dull. 

Therefore, to conclude one should always stay connected to the roots while aiming for the sky.


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